About Us

With the dream of the Director General Cecilia Estrada Jimenez and her partner Juan Carlos Bravo Rueda, backed by the national patent over 15 years of experience, we have created an infrastructure that enables us to offer and meet all services of import and export operations required, thus providing knowledge and suggestions of the continuous changes and proper use of legislation.

Looking to generate greater opportunities in the short, medium and long term in your environment, our philosophy of caring and concern about our customers to adapt and thus seeking to gain your trust.

Therefore being a company focused on foreign trade, we know all the changes and exchanges in the country of importance, traffic exchange and commodities and raw materials, to promote the full range of acts and formalities required by national authorities and international for entry and exit of goods into the country according to different customs regimes established in the country, all under a quality perspective in all our areas.

We are qualified in all legal, administrative, tariff, operational and budget areas achieving proper integration and responding to their needs and objectives with personalized service, standing out as a winning company.